Mocom: TPV solutions meet toy safety standard DIN EN 71-3

Materials that are used in sensitive areas such as the food and toy sectors usually have to fulfill numerous standards and special regulations. With the Alfater XL 4FC series, Mocom offers a natural colored TPV solution for such regulated applications.

With the Alfater XL 4FC series, Mocom offers TPVs for regulated applications, such as toys. (Source: Mocom)

The Alfater XL 4FC series is compliant with the toy standard DIN EN 71-3: 2019-08category III and also fulfills the relevant food contact requirements according to FDA, EU as well as the German BfR. The series is also free from PVC, phthalates and bisphenol A. Easy coloring, a low emission level and excellent recyclability complete the property profile of the Alfater XL 4FC series. In addition, the very good adhesion to polyolefins (e.g. PP) allows 2K applications and products with a „soft touch“-feel in sensitive and regulated areas.