Lubrizol presented new TPU products at Chinaplas and NPE

At NPE2018 in May Lubrizol presented new product solutions and applications from its Estane TPU portfolio. Among the highlights were the benefits of the plasticiser-free TPUs in applications such as paint protection, graphics vehicle wraps, automotive interiors, graphics media, signage, flooring, wind energy, architectural, and consumer goods.

Applications benefitting from the Estane ALR series of aliphatic TPUs include the rapidly growing market of graphics vehicle wraps. The TPUs provide a non-vinyl, plasticiser free combined surface protection and print media solution that provides good durability and ease of use during installation and removal. Lubrizol said that compared to traditional vinyl solutions, the Estane TPUs provide exceptional performance for weathering resistance and longer lasting physical and aesthetic advantages, benefitting both the integrity of the film surface and the underlying vehicle surface. Low temperature flexibility allows for stretching and conformability at temperatures much lower than plasticised vinyl, while wettability provides compatibility with inks and a range of printing technologies.

A few weeks earlier at Chinaplas 2018 in April the company launched the Pearlbond 700 series for the hot melt adhesive market. These products are said to provide good adhesion to both rigid and flexible substrates. According to the company, very good bonding strength can be obtained with substrates such as cotton, nylon, polyester fibres and many others. Also, this new offering stands out in terms of good wash (high temperature), chemical (dry cleaning) and hydrolytic resistance. The range can be applied in a multitude of demanding applications including aerospace, automotive, apparel, construction and hose + tube, said Lubrizol.

Another highlight at Chinaplas was Lubrizol’s portfolio of conductive and dissipative polymer products, marketed under the brand names of Stat-Rite and Carbo-Rite TPU. The range is available with a variety of host polymers, fillers, and forms, tailored to customer requirements. In consumer electronics, Lubrizol offers a portfolio of polymer solutions to improve the performance and aesthetics of mobile devices, wearables, electronic wire and cables, and other devices. The new Estane SKN series is a range of low blooming and high transparency polyester-based TPU that provides good aesthetics, impact protection and processability, engineered specifically for phone case, mobile and electronics device customers.