Kraton: Enhancing production efficiency with new HSBC polymer

Kraton has launched G1646 polymer that is said to enable improved flow for higher manufacturing efficiency. The polymer is a hydrogenated styrenic block copolymer (HSBC) and is part of the company’s Enhanced Rubber Segment (ERS) series portfolio, which is softer and shows higher melt flow properties than conventional Kraton G polymers. The product has very good compatibility with polypropylene, and is produced as a dense pellet in the company’s HSBC manufacturing site in Mailiao, Taiwan.

G1646 can be used to produce ear loops for face masks. (Source: Kraton)

Kraton said that G1646 can be used in a variety of applications including protective film, food packaging, medical tubing and films, and face masks. The company pointed out that face masks employing the polymer are more stable at body temperature over a long-use period compared to masks employing polyolefin elastomers, enabling a more secure fit over time. With G1646, the elastic material is softer than polyolefin elastomers, leading to enhanced comfort. Its soft retention forces have shown to leave no red marks on the skin or around the ears, even after 8 h of wear in current product designs. G1646 polymer can also be used to make ear loops for face masks due to its thermal stability and improved processability, while enabling higher production output.

Kraton pointed out that the polymer enables film and hygiene manufacturer to convert existing diaper production lines to produce medical face masks that are comfortable for healthcare users while addressing the global shortage.