Kraton: Award for IMSS Technology

The 2020 Ringier Technology Innovation Award – Plastics Industry in the Raw Material & Additives category – goes this year to the Kraton IMSS Technology.

The IMSS technology enables manufacturers to mould a large thin wall soft skin product design, opening the market to larger applications including door panels, consoles and instrument panels as thin as 0.8 mm. It delivers soft-touch haptics and vehicle weight savings using the latest generation of the company’s TPE polymer chemistry. IMSS products enhance the look and feel of interior applications such as instrument panels, trim panels and centre consoles. The products also support environmentally-responsible initiatives such as vehicle lightweighting and recyclability, since it can reuse scrap and production trim waste. The technology can be used on standard equipment and under normal processing conditions, using both skin-only and overmoulded injection moulding processes.

Since 2006, the Ringier Technology Innovation Awards for industrial manufacturing have been rewarded to a selected group of innovators each year in a number of pillar industries in China. The award’s purpose is to encourage, acknowledge and reward those individuals and companies that introduced and developed a new idea, methodology, product or technology for manufacturing production efficiency, cost effectiveness or user convenience, which might result in energy savings and more responsible clean manufacturing in the industry.