Kraiburg TPE: Low-odour, low-emission, and low-migration TPEs

Kraiburg TPE at K 2019, hall 6, stand C58-04 at “Rubber Street” and E22 (Ideas Factory)

Kraiburg TPE will present itself as competence leader in the thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) market at the K 2019. The TPE manufacturer will address major challenges and trends the growing TPE business is facing.

“K is the most important leading trade fair for innovation in the global plastics and rubber market and sets the course for the industry,” said Franz Hinterecker, CEO of Kraiburg TPE. “Our trade fair appearance will focus, among other things, on new TPE compounds that pass migration tests even when in contact with foods that contain fat. Trade fair visitors may also look forward to exciting new developments in the fields of emission and odour relating to interior applications and in the field of thermoplastic elastomer hybrids. In addition, we will present new materials with adhesion to ASA and PMMA for exterior applications.”

By means of several innovative applications, visitors can see for themselves the results of this customer-oriented strategy, which doesn’t neglect market niches either. Current examples are a cosmetics dispenser with an integrated mixing element, multi-component roof rail bases saving mounting time and an interactive learning robot for children.

Safety and purity are among the most important quality features of the compounds of Kraiburg TPE, particularly when the materials are used for children’s toys. (Source: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

During the K fair the company’s materials and market experts are ready to conduct technical discussions with customers and prospects and to provide them with competent materials and service support. The manufacturer also offers the opportunity to have a look inside its Ideas Factory (hall 6, stand E22). “Exchanging knowledge with our customers and looking into the future, at trends and potentials are very important to us and sometimes form the basis for our new developments”, Hinterecker added.

Regulatory requirements and consumer protection are key in supporting the consumer market. The company said that it has addressed this situation, acquiring comprehensive knowledge in the field, and has built up a product portfolio based on this expertise. In recent years, the company has been continuously expanding its projects in the consumer sector and intensively examining regulatory issues and application-specific solutions. The company specialises in the market segments of consumer care, household items, office supplies, toys and sports articles, cosmetics and food packaging. For each of these segments, the portfolio offers compounds that have been developed with an application-oriented focus.

“Our first TPE applications were introduced in the consumer market,” said CEO Franz Hinterecker. He described the way the market has developed since then as interesting and multifaceted. “Our well-trained sales and development teams have enabled us to successfully implement technically sophisticated applications in recent years. These have included food packaging with complex sealing geometries, game consoles with optimised touch characteristics as well as lids for cosmetics packaging.”

In recent years, the TPE specialist has been further expanding its portfolio for cosmetics packaging in particular. This has enabled the company to generate new projects such as seals for lipsticks and mascara, as well as packaging for make-up and skin care creams. Looking to the future, Hinterecker added, “We are continuously pressing ahead with further portfolio development. We will be presenting additional compounds for use in daily life products at this year’s K trade fair.”

Safety and purity are among the most important quality features of the compounds of Kraiburg TPE, particularly when the materials are used for children’s toys – but also when they are used for toys for pets. Babies and very young children explore and discover the world by putting things into their mouths. Consumer protection plays a particular role in relation to rattles, teething rings and other toys. The compounds are developed with international and local standards and guidelines taken into account. These include EU Regulation no. 10/2011 and US FDA – Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 21. A number of selected materials also comply with the DIN EN 71-3 toy standard.

Lars Goldmann (Source: Kraiburg TPE)

Head of Kraiburg TPE’s Consumer Division is Lars Goldmann. He was in charge of marketing for ten years and moved to Hong Kong in 2015, where he headed the local branch for another three years and was also responsible for Taiwan, Australia, and New Zealand, with their large consumer markets.