Ips: First large-scale underwater pelletizing system sold

In addition to strand pelletizing, ips Intelligent Pelletizing Solutions GmbH & Co. KG has also established a solid standing in the market with underwater pelletizing systems. Since the launch of this type of system in 2016, ips has already sold some of ips-UWG 75 S underwater pelletizing systems. Now the first ips-UWG 120 S system for throughputs of up to 2,500 kg/h is to be commissioned at the premises of an extrusion profile producer in Italy. The company manufactures most of the materials required for its production internally. Among other things, these include the appropriate compound for the production of pipework systems. In future, this will be manufactured using an unterwater pelletizing system ips-UWG 120 S.

Underwater pelletizing system type ips-UWG S (Source: ips Intelligent Pelletizing Solutions)

The complete system is modular, comprising a melt pump, diverter valve, die plate with pelletizing unit, process water system and pellet dryer. For the planned application, it achieves a throughput of approx. 1,500 – 2,000 kg per hour. In particular, it is to be used in the production of various polyolefines consisting of up to 60 % barium sulphate or calcium stearate.