Innovation network for TPU fibres

Lubrizol has initiated an “Innovation Alliance” network focused on driving growth of its TPU-based fibre X4zol-J for the performance apparel market. The network was unveiled at the ISPO 2018 held in Munich, Germany, in March 2018.

The Innovation Alliance includes the following specialists in fabric innovation and garment development: Ruey Tay (circular/warp knits), Schoeller (circular/warp knits and woven fabrics), Olah, Inc. (cotton-rich woven fabrics, including denim), Tefron (seamless and bodysize garments), ChangYuan Elastan (spinning development partner in Asia), Stretchline (narrow elastics), Premiere Fibers (spinning development partner in North America), Hornwood Inc. (circular/warp knits), Filix Creative Solutions, and MAS Innovations.


About X4zol-J:
Lubrizol X4zol-J is a new TPU monofilament that is manufactured differently from spandex. Lubrizol said that it is resulting in unique qualities that provide comfort above and beyond traditional stretch fibers. X4zol-J is produced through melt extrusion, and does not require the use of solvents. The melt extrusion process is cleaner; resulting in a finer and stronger monofilament than traditional spandex, exhibiting a superior stretch. Lubrizol pointed out that most spandex fibres exhibit a steeper stress/strain curve, illustrating low initial resistance to stretch, or elongation; and then a rapid increase in resistance to the point of full elongation, or breakage. Compared to spandex fibres X4zol-J is thinner and lighter, yet stronger and more durable. It provides a breathable and cooling touch and a balanced 360° compression for enhanced fit. Sustainable benefits include processing at lower temperatures and recyclability.