Huntsman: TPU elastomers for a variety of applications

At Fakuma 2018, Huntsman and its distribution partner Chemie Plast are showcasing a number of recently developed thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers, originally created for consumer and wire & cable applications, but suitable for use across a variety of industrial injection moulding and extrusion tasks.

Michael Kolm, Sales Excellence Manager TPU at Huntsman Polyurethanes, said: “Our polyurethane experts are always innovating, developing novel elastomers, with special properties for specific applications. The innovation cycle is particularly rapid in the consumer industry, where there is continual demand for differentiated polyurethane-based systems, which offer distinctive performance traits, and can help manufacturers set their products apart from the competition.”

The following products are presented at the trade show:

  • New halogen-free flame retardant Irogran TPU materials: Earlier this year Huntsman launched a new family of Irogran TPU grades for the wire & cable industry. Irogran A 90 P 5014 FR, Irogran A 91 P 5015 FR and Irogran A 92 P 5016 FR TPUs provide improved reaction to fire properties, alongside strength and fatigue resistance in both flexion and torsion. In addition, these specialist grades provide good environmental resilience to chemicals, water, oil and solvents; a wide processing window; and consistent dimensional stability for use in all kinds of applications, which require the highest possible flame retardancy.
  • Highly transparent, UV-stabilised Avalon TPU grades: Huntsman’s polyester-based Avalon 90 and 95 AHT TPUs were initially developed for use in the sports and leisure industry. Most commonly used to create soling systems for trainers and casual shoes, these materials are abrasion and scratch resistant and resilient against yellowing – meaning they are suited to the manufacture of transparent injection moulded goods that need some form of UV protection.
  • A high-energy return, expanded form of smartLite TPU: Originally designed for use in running shoes, to give athletes an extra spring in their step, smartLite PF1560 TPU is a lightweight, durable, resilient material. Flexible yet strong, this special TPU can snap back to its original shape after being stretched or compressed – delivering an energy return of up to 50 %, says Huntsman. This energy cycle can happen multiple times without diminishing the materials’ physical or mechanical performance properties, which makes smartLite PF 1560 TPU a potential option for use in wheel and castor applications. The cushioning effect of the material is customisable for different applications.

Huntsman at Fakuma 2018
Hall A4, stand A4-4214