Huntsman: Focus on expertise in PU-based elastomers at Chinaplas 2019

Demonstrating how it inspires ingenuity in plastics was the focus of Huntsman at Chinaplas this May. At the show, Huntsman highlighted its expertise in polyurethane-based elastomers. Huntsman also promoted its Elastamine polyetheramine products, which can boost the performance of engineering plastics and fibres.

Huntsman supplies a range of elastomer systems for the footwear industry. Recent products include three new Daltoped AquaPUR water-blown systems for the manufacture of shoe soles.

Products on display at Chinaplasfor consumer electronics included smartphone covers, laptop cases and wearable devices made from Huntsman Irogran TPU. Throughout Chinaplas, Huntsman also promoted:

  • TPU barrier film products, which can be used to create protective clothing, waterproof apparel, life vests and coated textiles.
  • Suprasec prepolymers, which can be used to create wheels with excellent resistance to wear and tear for wheelchair, wheelbarrow, electric scooter and automation applications.
  • Total solution for the manufacture of components made from hot cast engineering elastomers. Huntsman Tecnoelastomeri is an expert for elastomers systems and casting equipment. Its Tecnothane MDI-based hot cast systems are an advanced portfolio of PU elastomer systems that are used to make seals, wheels, castors and other technical parts for use in diversified industries. The business also produces a range of Castech low-pressure casting machines which are designed to meter and mix hot cast elastomeric systems, and can work with various types of polyurethane systems, including microcellular elastomer foams.

Huntsman also offers a series of Elastamine hydrophilic polyetheramines that can improve the hydrophilicity, surface energy and polarity of thermoplastics such as polyamides and polyolefins. The Elastamine family of products can boost the mechanical performance of polyamides and amine-based polymers – giving them increased flexibility and elongation and better low temperature properties.