Hübner: Sales location in Seoul

The Hübner Group is now represented with a sales location in the South Korean capital Seoul. Together with subsidiaries in Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur – which both also feature production facilities – this is now the company’s third location in the region. Hubner Korea Ltd. will be especially involved in marketing products of the Material Solutions business segment, which handles products made of elastomers, insulation and composite materials such as fibre-reinforced plastics. The Material Solutions business segment supplies products such as functional seals for offshore drilling platforms, paneling elements for the aircraft industry, and intelligent door sealing and safety systems with integrated sensors for public transport applications.

The new Hübner sales location in Seoul (Source: Hübner)

„In its Material Solutions business segment, HÜBNER has developed great expertise in recent years in the fields of material compounding, process engineering and material combinations. This puts us in the position to provide sophisticated and technically demanding solutions and products for our customers,“ explains Hübner General Manager Ingolf Cedra. „In the Asia-Pacific region, we see growing demand for this type of expertise, which we now aim to fulfill more extensively.“ The region has also weathered the corona pandemic relatively well economically up to now, points out Cedra, which has also been evident in the development of orders there.

The new location in Seoul will also handle business from the markets in Japan and Taiwan as well as Australia. „Very high-growth markets are present in the region. Just the Seoul Metro by itself is planning projects involving more than 900 vehicles for this year and the next, for which we have already provided elastomer seals,“ reports Christoph Heuser, head of the Material Solutions Business Unit Rail & Bus and responsible for sales. With the new sales office in Seoul, Hübner will be able to target the needs of customers there more effectively and provide an on-site point of contact for them. Heuser: „One of our goals is to establish our modern finger protection profile with integrated safety edges and LEDs as a standard for local public transport in the countries there. We see good opportunities for this at the present time.“

As a global system supplier for the mobility industry, for manufacturing and for life sciences and research applications, the Hübner Group is the worldwide leader in gangway systems for buses and railway vehicles, and a specialist for sophisticated elastomer solutions and products, insulation and composite materials, as well as a supplier for applications in the field of laser, terahertz and high frequency technologies.