Global polyester polyol market to grow at CAGR 5.36 % through 2021

According to a market report from TechNavio, the global polyester polyol market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 5.36 % during the period 2017 – 2021. One of the major drivers are the superior properties of polyester polyols, said the analysts. Polyester polyols are used in manufacturing coatings, adhesives, sealants, and elastomers (CASE) because of their good properties in finished products such as high tensile, tear, and flex fatigue resistance.

In addition, polyester polyols are said to facilitate higher resistance to oil, grease, solvents, and oxidation.
Demand for polyester polyols is high in the Asia-Pacific region as PU elastomers are extensively used in the footwear industry in China. Similarly, aromatic polyester polyols are extensively used in the construction of energy-efficient buildings in the region. The report is titled: “Global Polyester Polyol Market 2017 – 2021”.