New aspects on thermoplastic elastomers

Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) are elastomeric materials based on a co-polymer with a crystalline or amorphous solid phase and a flexible soft phase or an olefinic polymer compound of a rigid and an elastomeric polymer. When characterizing TPE the elasticity seems to be a self-evident aspect. In this study we present a basic approach to learn more about the elastomeric behaviour of TPE. Furthermore we look at the current ISO nomenclature of TPE and identify optimization potential.

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Stability and continuity

New VDI guideline 2017 Medical Grade Plastics defines requirements for plastics in medical, diagnostics and pharmaceutical packaging

Safety for patient and user is an essential requirement for medical products, in-vitro diagnostics and pharmaceutical packaging. Subsequently, plastics grades used in medical have to fulfil particular requirements, i.e. constant properties, formulation lock or biocompatibility. Surprisingly, no standard has existed to define the requirements for medical grades so far. This gap has been filled recently by the new guideline VDI 2017 developed and launched by a work group of the German Engineer’s Society (VDI). This article addresses the development of the new guideline VDI 2017 “medical grade plastics” and presents the essential requirements to be covered by medical grade plastics (MGP).

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