Ems-Grivory cooperates with Trinseo

In order to offer well-founded solutions with regard to hard/soft combinations, the Swiss polyamide expert Ems-Grivory will be cooperating with TPE manufacturer API, recently acquired by Trinseo.

Ems-Grivory said that it has a tailor-made portfolio of poly­amides for optic applications. For many glasses applications it is necessary to over-mould a hard polyamide substrate with a soft elastomer. High bonding strength between the polyamide and the elastomer is extremely important throughout the whole duration of use. For this reason, Ems-Grivory has started a development partnership with API-Trinseo.

The cooperation has two goals: First, it is intended to offer products from the existing product portfolios of both companies which bond reliably and durably according to the VDI 2019 standard in each case; and second, during the cooperation work, new products will be developed and tailor-made to suit each other. Both bio and crude oil based products with different Shore hardness values will be developed and examined. The Swiss company said that the cooperation work to gain this material and bonding know-how will create unique competition advantages which can be made available to customers in the form of integral system solutions.