Elastron: TPE compounds for erasers

Although digital technology has changed our lives dramatically, writing is a passion, and it forms the basis of our education system. Elastron has developed special eraser products, the D103 series, suitable for use in schools and offices.

Elastron has developed special eraser products, the D103 series. (Source: Elastron)

Flexible erasers made of compounds of the D103 series are dust-free making the eraser crumbs clump together. In addition, these grades have proved high performance in erasing the pencil writings with high carbon content. They are phthalate-free, REACH and RoHS compliant, and suitable for skin contact with the possibility to add an extra antibacterial additive to the formulation.

Elastron has been dedicated to the development and supply of value-added thermoplastic elastomers for over 40 years and provides customer service and support to over 55 countries worldwide.