Croda: Speciality effects for smarter and sustainable polymers

Croda announced that its Polymer Additives business is now part of Croda Smart Materials, offering its customers extensive polymer expertise and multiple technology platforms. At K 2019, the company is celebrating half a century of experience in amide production and the opening of its GBP 27 million amide manufacturing facility at its site in the United Kingdom.

According to Croda, this new amide plant doubles the site’s capacity and will ensure long-term security of supply and consistent product quality. The plant will manufacture a range of the company’s amides, including Crodamide slip and anti-block, Incroslip high stability slip and torque release, and IncroMold release and anti-scratch additives.

Croda has opened a new amide manufacturing facility at its Hull site in the UK (Source: Croda)

Also, it is the first time that Croda showcases its Ionphase permanent anti-static additives at the K 2019. Ionphase inherently dissipative polymers are said to offer an immediate and permanent effect that is not dependent on humidity. They are said to provide a uniform and homogenous distribution in the host polymer and to offer very good processability and surface quality. These additives are suitable for compounding, extrusion or injection moulding, and allow for compliance with key industry standards for EPA and EX areas. There are multiple grades available to suit different polymer types including polyolefins, styrenics and PC blends.

The Smart Materials business is also home to an extensive range of bio-based building blocks to enhance the performance of engineering polymers like COPE/COPA and polyimides. Polymer modification offers very good flexibility, durability, protective barriers against moisture, UV and chemicals.

Technical experts are present at K 2019 to discuss and demonstrate the speciality effects that Croda brings to polymer applications. The effects of the company’s smart additives include for example anti-fog, anti-static, anti-scratch, slip and anti-block and torque release.

Croda at K 2019, hall 7A, stand D05