COVID-19 News / KraussMaffei: Facial visors against droplet infection

According to KraussMaffei, owing to the current situation, there is a massive demand for personal protective equipment all over the world. The company’s extrusion division at the Hanover site in Germany has responded promptly to the shortage of PPE, venturing into the production of reusable facial visors. These visors are designed to complement the protective equipment of medical and healthcare professionals as well as of persons working in jobs with a high number of interpersonal contacts.

KraussMaffei facial visors can provide simple protection against droplet infection (Source: KraussMaffei)

The essential visor component is a stable, transparent film that can be disinfected with common disinfectants, is impermeable to droplets and keeps hands away from the face. So far, KraussMaffei has supplied its face visors several hospitals in Hanover.

„Owing to the critical shortage of PPE, we – just like many other companies and individuals – feel an urgent need to help. In order to meet the increasing demand, we spontaneously decided to supply regional hospitals, retirement homes or nursing services with protective face visors. At the moment, three of our staff members are released from their usual job and engaged in visor production. They produce approximately 120 visors per week, around the clock. Our 3D printers are continuously used for visor holder printing, even on weekends,“ said Matthias Sieverding, President of the Extrusion Technology Segment of the KraussMaffei Group. „In our R&D center, where extrusion tests are performed under realistic production conditions, we have managed to produce transparent film for the visors on the basis of our extensive know-how in this field.“

Frank Hunold and Michael Tieben (f. l. t. r.) produce facial visors for medical and healthcare professionals at KraussMaffei Extrusion (Source: KraussMaffei)

The visors are composed of five components: a rigid plastic holder produced on a 3D printer, a rubber strap to secure the visor to the head, a transparent film and two screws designed to attach the film to the holder. Facial visors can certainly not replace a face mask that has to be worn additionally, but they protect the eyes in particular, through which pathogens can also enter the body by airborne infection, said KraussMaffei. The visor is exchangeable and can be cleaned with hot water and disinfected using standard disinfectant spray solutions.

„Visors produced by KraussMaffei are not certified. However, we do not intend to supply bulk buyers, but rather small next-door institutions, which are in desperate need of masks, but are currently finding it difficult to get them,“ said Sieverding. „As long as there is a need for facial visors and our effort remains within reasonable limits, we at KraussMaffei will continue producing them.“

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