Covestro: Reusable smart patches in mini format

In collaboration with accensors, a specialist in the development and production of film-based sensors, actuators and emitters, Covestro has developed a concept for wearable smart patches in medical diagnosis which focuses on the durable use of electronics. The concept includes Covestro polyurethane-based Baymedix raw materials for adhesives and foams, as well as Platilon TPU films. accensors has developed the sensor system and electronic modules.

Smart patches should be as small, flexible, and unnoticeable as possible in order to offer patients a high level of comfort. The newly developed solution consists of two elements: a non-reusable element (the Disposable Patch) including sensors that is applied to the skin with an adhesive and used only once, and a reusable element, the ReUse Patch, which houses all the electronics, for example the measurement technology, power supply, data processing, radio transmission and if desired an optical camera.

In collaboration with accensors, Covestro has developed a concept for wearable smart patches in medical diagnosis based on polyurethane materials. (Source: Covestro)

The wearable patches are very lightweight, thin and flexible, and fit well to the surface of the body. Various sensors are integrated in the patch to determine vital signs, for example pulse, pressure or temperature. Here, sensor integration is achieved by using special Platilon films in combination with a thermoformable foam based on Baymedix. All these materials are breathable and can be efficiently processed with roll-to-roll technology.

Removing and inserting the ReUse Patch into the Disposable Patch is easy. accensors particularly developed a film sensor that forms the interface between the smart patch and the patient and can be equipped with varied sensors.

Smart patches are already widely used for medical diagnosis, for example, to measure a patient’s blood sugar levels, body temperature, or heart rate. The observation of disease patterns such as skin cancer or chronic wounds is also possible. Many other applications are emerging in sports and recreation.

About accensors:
Founded in 2015, the start-up innoME with its accensors business unit implements film-based sensors and actuators tailored to customer requirements, particularly for applications in the field of medical technology including wearables and biotechnology, and produces sensor systems in small, medium and high-volume quantities. accensors operates internationally and counts medical technology, pharmaceutics, and biotechnology as well as industry among its customers.