Coperion: Flexible compounding systems for newcomer Heroplas

New-to-the-market German compounder Heroplas specializes in the manufacture of PP, PE, and TPE in very small batches. The company has outfitted its production with two Coperion ZSK twin screw extruders. Both the ZSK 26 Mc18 and the ZSK 45 Mc18 stand out with high flexibility in configuration and comfortable operation. Together, they form the basis of short setup times for frequently occurring recipe changes, ensuring the company can efficiently manufacture specialized compounds, even in spite of the minute quantities involved.

The compounding system with Coperion’s ZSK 45 Mc18 extruder recently began operation and is manufacturing compounds for special applications in small and minute quantities. (Source: Heroplas)

In order to economize efficiently production machinery must be designed for frequent recipe changes all the while guaranteeing very high compound quality. The ZSK 26 Mc18 laboratory extruder, as well as the ZSK 45 Mc18 with a 45 mm screw diameter, are both ideally suited for these requirements. Both Coperion extruders can be combined with underwater and strand pelletizing in wet and dry cut. Thanks to its modular construction, configuration for a variety of different process variations is possible. Numerous quick-change features on Coperion extruders ensure comfortable, efficient operation with only a few hand movements. Quick-release clamps on feed hoppers, degassing domes, and atmospheric venting are but a few examples of features than enable quick system reconfiguration, resulting in short setup times for recipe changes. Compounder downtimes are markedly reduced.

“Short setup times are essential for us”, explained Heroplas Managing Director Tim Hencken. “Regular product changes require regular system adjustments and the downtimes that come with them. We develop and produce technical polyolefins in order quantities of 1.5 tons on average. Our extruders’ simple, flexible operation really accommodates our needs in this regard. We achieve very short downtimes with them, in spite of numerous recipe changes. Moreover, Coperion’s ZSK extruders ensure very high product quality for us with no fluctuation. Our customers value us for that reason.”

Thanks to its very comfortable operation and high flexibility in its configuration, Coperion ZSK extruders are especially well suited for numerous and rapid product changes. (Source: Heroplas)

Since all process parameters across the entire ZSK series are constant, recipes that have been developed on the laboratory system can be easily transferred to the larger Coperion extruder with no difficulty.

Heroplas is a joint venture between Sitraplas GmbH in Bünde, Germany, and KRS Kunststoff Recycling & Service GmbH in Spenge. The specialty compounder Sitraplas has been successfully manufacturing minute lots of engineered plastics compounds for many years and is assuming Heroplas research and development projects. Production takes place in Spenge in eastern Westphalia, Germany. Development and production of technical polyolefins, in particular formulations of application-specific compounds in the areas of PP, PE, and TPE as well as blends thereof, are in the focus. The company develops customer-specific products for customers in the field of medical technology, the automotive sector, or even in household devices, sporting equipment and the electronics industry. Heroplas works closely with Sitraplas on conceptualizing plastics, with the benefit of direct access to Sitraplas’ expertise in the fields of color adjustment, analysis, and process technology.