Conair: Air-cooled chillers offer high operational flexibility

Conair has launched the new Eco air-cooled chillers, which are designed for outdoor installation and providing chilled water to plastics processing equipment indoors. According to the company, the packaged chillers are rugged enough to function efficiently under almost any ambient conditions, while providing a process-temperature set-point range that is among the widest in the industry.

Conair has introduced the new Eco air-cooled chillers. (Source: Conair)

A total of six models are available with cooling capacity ranging from 40 to 120 tonnes. All feature direct-drive hermetically sealed scroll compressors, proven in their reliability, low maintenance requirements and efficient operation. Dual refrigeration circuits, with multiple compressors, provide built-in redundancy, while the larger units (80 through 120 tonnes) also incorporate independent process fluid circuits as well. The modular design of the Eco chillers mean multiple units can be connected to a single control interface, providing centralised control of up to 12 temperature-control circuits. A series of 60-tonne units, for instance could deliver up to 720 tonnes of cooling. Processors can build systems based on existing loading requirements and then easily expand to meet future needs.

Wide ambient operating conditions, from –20 to 125 F (–29 to 52 °C) mean the Eco chillers can operate in all but the most extreme environments. An operating set-point range from 20 to 80 F (–6.6 to 26.6 °C) allows them to meet almost any process temperature requirement with +/-2 F accuracy.

“The Eco name falls in line with other Conair heat-transfer products including EarthSmart label,” said Jim Fisher, General Manager, Heat Transfer. “Among other energy-saving features, the new central chiller line offers instantaneous, continuous calculations performed to deliver increased efficiency under partial load, with automatic refrigeration pressure control. Variable-speed fan motors and dynamically controlled valves also ensure efficient operation at low noise levels and deliver increased temperature stability under varying load and condenser inlet temperatures. We call this Green Cool technology.”

The new chillers come equipped as standard with the same PLC control and a seven-inch colour touch screen HMI used on other Conair chillers, making operator training and maintenance much easier. The digital display shows all significant pressures and temperatures, as well as compressor/pump/fan running hours, and performance trend charts for key operating parameters such as process fluid temperatures. The control also include Modbus RTU or TCP/IP communications as standard with other communication protocols available optionally. It is fully compatible with the SmartServices platform – Conair’s cloud-based Industry 4.0 solution for auxiliary equipment monitoring, management, and analysis.

Chiller evaporators use a high-efficiency brazed plate heat-exchanger, and pump packages for high and low pressure can be provided as well. This kind of construction ensures maximum performance, long life, and an enhanced level of protection from harsh process conditions. Micro-channel aluminium condensers are energy efficient and compact, use less refrigerant, and withstand high-pressure spray for easy cleaning. Compressor protection is ensured by start-to-start anti-recycle control logic that limits cycling under low-load operating conditions, extending compressor life. The 24-volt DC power supply ensures dependable control circuit power and isolates the control circuit from static interference to ensure stable and precise operation, said Conair.

Besides offering discrete packaged chiller units, the company is also well-known for its systems design and installation capabilities, making use of a full-time in-house installation crew. Eco chiller also come with Conair’s exclusive Uptime Guarantee and are supported by the industry’s largest and most experience team of part and service specialists, said the company.