BASF launches E-TPU production facility in Taiwan

BASF has launched a new production facility for Infinergy expanded thermoplastic polyurethanes (E-TPU) at its Changhua manufacturing site in Taiwan.

“The Changhua production site will play a key role in helping us to meet the rising demand for E-TPU,” said Jens Dierssen, Head of Global Business Management Infinergy, BASF. “With the new production facility, we are expanding our global footprint to better serve customers within the Asia Pacific region.”

This investment reflects our commitment to the market, providing efficient production, timely qualification process to meet the growing market demands and customer needs. We are now even closer to the market and our customers,” added Kin Wah Chay, Managing Director of BASF Taiwan.

New facility will support growing demand for BASF’s Infinergy E-TPU from multiple industries. (Source: BASF)

The closed-cell, elastic particle foam has a special combination of properties, such as high rebound, low density, and durability over a wide temperature range, chemical resistance and low weight. This innovation is widely used in the transportation, furniture, construction and sports equipment, such as a bicycle saddle created by Ergon, a cycling innovation company based in Koblenz, Germany. Ergon’s bicycle saddles are comprised of two shells functioning in isolation from each other in a sandwich construction, held in a floating arrangement by the high-performance elastomer damper made of Infinergy. In a three-wheeled concept vehicle, 05Gen from Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., BASF’s E-TPU was used in the tires to enhance the overall riding experience, and its characteristic cellular structure contributed to its striking design. The material has also been adopted in construction, providing a safer and improved sporting experience on running track and playing fields, owing to the outstanding cushioning effect of the E-TPU particles.

BASF says that Infinergy is the world’s first expanded thermoplastic polyurethane (E-TPU).