BASF: E-TPU enhances shock absorption and sound damping in Keep’s K2 treadmill

The Chinese sports and fitness brand Keep has launched the treadmill K2, which is made with BASF’s Infinergy expanded thermoplastic polyurethane (E-TPU) in the running deck. With the material’s superior elastic, shock-absorbing and high-rebound properties, the running deck is said to deliver an unmatched experience for indoor runners.

BASF’s E-TPU Infinergy enhances the indoor running experience of Keep’s K2 treadmill with superior shock absorption and sound damping properties. (Source: BASF)

According to BASF, Infinergy absorbs and returns energy, which can minimise the impact to joints while running on the treadmill deck. Additionally, its robust damping properties provide a quieter running experience for consumers, empowering runners living in apartments to move at all hours of the day without disturbing their neighbours.

“Our goal is to be the best-in-class indoor fitness provider, therefore, we are constantly working with our material provider, BASF, to enhance our smart treadmills. With Infinergy, we venture beyond the limitations of conventional treadmills, unlocking a new era of indoor exercising and empowering runners to perform better at home or in the gym,” said Liu Dong, Vice President, Keep. “The K2 treadmill has already received great feedback from fitness facility owners and our customers.”

“We constantly help our customers to turn their innovations into reality. Infinergy has enabled brands, such as Keep, to enhance their treadmills that help users reach their athletic goals,” said Dr. Jens Dierssen, Global Business Management, Infinergy, BASF Performance Materials division.