Avient (PolyOne): Sustainability portfolio in Europe expanded

Avient (former PolyOne) has made a significant step further in the expansion of its portfolio to support circular economy by adding production of both bio-based thermoplastic elastomers and post-industrial recycled nylon grades in Europe. The company said that this strengthened sustainability portfolio will support circular economy goals and provide additional eco-conscious material options for EU customers.

Europe now accounts for 25 % of global bioplastics production, a figure set to increase to 30 % by 2024, according to the European Bioplastics Association. Fueling this growth, in part, are public commitments from brands across a range of industries to increase their use of recycled plastics.

ReSound OM TPEs are now being produced in Europe. (Source: PolyOne)

ReSound OM (overmolding) TPEs utilise between 40 and 50 % bio-renewable content derived from sugarcane, and offer hardness levels and performance comparable to standard TPEs. Consisting of four overmolding grades compatible with rigid PP and one suited to ABS, all grades are formulated for durability, property retention, and UV resistance comparable to traditional TPEs. These properties answer major requirements for applications such as cosmetics packaging, personal care products, and consumer electronics.

Nymax PIR is formulated with between 20 and 100 % post-industrial nylon materials, such as recycled carpet and is suitable for many industries and applications, including automotive, outdoor high performance and industrial.

“Both Nymax PIR and reSound OM are well-known and proven solutions that have been available in the North America market for some time. We are pleased to be expanding their availability to Europe to further help our customers achieve their sustainability goals and to better support the circular economy,” said Holger Kronimus, general manager, Engineered Materials Europe at PolyOne.