Arlanxeo: New Corporate Center in The Hague

Effective 1 May 2020, Arlanxeo will establish its global Corporate Center in The Hague, effectively transferring its headquarters from Maastricht to The Hague, both in The Netherlands.

The Corporate Center consists of the CEO, CFO, General Counsel, CHRO, Global Controller, and Head of Communications and will be co-located with Aramco Overseas Company, its parent company. “The closer proximity to our parent company will help enhance Arlanxeo’s overall visibility and strengthen our ties with the Aramco family”, said CEO Donald Chen.

It is envisaged that all other Arlanxeo Holding employees move to a still-to-be-decided office location in the Sittard-Geleen area in Limburg Province, The Netherlands, close to Maastricht. This local move is not expected to be completed until mid-2021. The safety, health and well-being of our employees remain our number one priority. The changes described above will be implemented with this priority in mind.