Antioxidant solutions for food-contact applications

SI Group’s Weston 705 and Weston 705T liquid phosphite antioxidants have been granted an extension of existing approvals by the US Food & Drug Administration for use as food-contact substances in styrene block polymers and repeat-use elastomers under conditions of use A through H with concentration up to 0.5 % by weight (FCN 1927), effective 15 March 2019.

This approval confirms the toxicologically-clean composition of Weston 705, and permits the novel antioxidant to be widely applied in the growing elastomers industry. SI group said that the innovative chemistry of Weston 705 provides effective protection of colour and mechanical properties of polymers during the manufacturing, storage, and conversion processes, including their use in food-contact applications.

Weston 705 and Weston 705T is currently approved for use in food-contact packaging in more than 180 countries, including the United States, Canada, Europe and China.