Albis: Distribution rights from Covestro for Southeast Europe

Effective from January 2020, Albis will distribute Covestro’s entire polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane product portfolio in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Northern Macedonia and Greece. Together with the existing distribution rights, the Hamburg-based family-owned company now represents the listed materials manufacturer headquartered in Leverkusen in almost all of Europe, North Africa and China.

“Covestro and Albis have a long-term, trusting and mutually beneficial worldwide partnership in the areas of distribution, contract and license compounding. Thanks to our strong sales and logistical presence in the region, we are more than willing to expand our brand coverage here as well. We are very excited about the expanded cooperation,” said Horst Klink, Head of Distribution at Albis. “The inclusion of the Southeastern Europe region in the Albis sales territory will reduce the complexity for Covestro. This will create synergies on both sides and increase efficiency and effectiveness.”

Gábor Ladányi, Head of Distribution PCS EEMEA at Covestro International SA, said: “Albis brings many years of experience and competence in the European market for engineering plastics as well as a versatile and sustainable network. We still see a lot of potential in the area of project development with small and medium-sized customers and are fully confident in Albis’s powerful and sustainable sales force.”